Import Group vCard to Outlook with vCard Importer

Need to import group vCard into Outlook? Is it feasible to import whole group of vCard files to Outlook by the use of Outlook's Default Import Option?

MS Outlook® offers Import/Export Option that can be used to import vCard files into Outlook contacts. But the biggest drawback of Outlook Import/Export option is that it only imports one vCard at a time. Importing fewer vCard files into Outlook using the latter's default option is feasible. But the same option would not be feasible where users are having very huge group of vCard files.

Besides that if you still perform the process to vCard to PST batch conversion using Outlook's Import Option, it might all be a matter of few clicks to, but how far is it pleasurable to repeatedly click on the option, to import group of vCard to the Outlook PST. There is no doubt about the efficiency of the MS Outlook in importing vCard files, but given the use of email clients for faster communication, so much of time consumption is in no way practical. Having observed the increase in the amount of vCard file that you receive, you would not have to guess hard about the utility of vCardPro Tool to Import Group vCard to Outlook.

PCVARE vCardPro is the apt solution for vCard to Outlook conversion. During the vCard import process, it imports all contacts details from vCard to Outlook. The vCard files of Mac mail/Palm OS/Thunderbird or even that of the likes of iPhone, Blackberry, etc, all are as eligible of being imported as in group of vCard into Outlook PST.

Key Features - Import Group vCard into Outlook

  • It is developed to offer facilities in equal match to the requirement for batch conversion of vCard into Outlook.
  • You will convert numerous files holding details like – name, date of birth, education, occupation and all.
  • It helps to move in the vCard data into various versions of the Outlook, including Outlook 2010 with 64-bits.
  • Convert vCard files in language other than the English.
  • It is windows based utility; you can get it to work with any windows edition - Windows platforms Vista, XP, 7, 2000, 98, 95
  • Supports batch mode for the conversion of vCard contacts .
  • Import vcard into PST with all contact info like - address, job title, email, website and other similar fields.
  • The program not even import contacts details but also imports contact photo /image from vCard to PST.
  • Supports all vCard versions 2.1 & 3.0

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Screenshot Showing how to Import Group vCard to Outlook

Process to Import vCard to PST

Thus, investing on PCVARE vCardPro to move group vCard to PST in one shot rather than importing vcard files one by one using Outlook's Import Option is a smarter choice.

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